Sleep Apnoea & Home Ventilation Team

Who are we?

  • Mrs Fenella Connell (Sleep Nurse / ResMed)

  • Ms Vikki Gall (Respiratory Physiology Associate Practitioner)

  • Ms Trish Greer (Sleep & Home Ventilation Nurse)

  • Mrs Julie McDonald (Sleep & Non-Invasive Ventilation secretary)

  • Mr Seamus Saunders (Senior Health Care Support Worker)

Who do we see?

  • We see patients with suspected obstructive sleep apnoea and ventilatory (lung) failure.

How to refer a patient to the Sleep service?

For General Practitioners

  • SCI-store referral marked "FAO sleep service" (or similar), should suffice.

  • Your referral is triaged accordingly to us.

For colleagues within the hospital

  • In-patient review: See Rotawatch for our in-patient Respiratory referral email.

  • E-mail if referring Mon-Friday 0900-1700, unless a clinical emergency (if so, page the on call Respiratory Registrar).

  • Out-patient review: dictate a letter and ask your secretary to use the internal (electronic) referral system.

Location of clinic