Lung cancer & Mesothelioma specialist nurse

Who am I?

  • Tracy Petrie

What do I do?

  • Being told that you may have cancer or have been diagnosed with cancer can be very difficult for you and your family.

  • Often, you may have anxieties about a number of issues relating to investigations, diagnosis and treatment.

  • I am a qualified nurse with additional knowledge and experience of cancers within the lung, who will act as your key worker and will be pivotal throughout your cancer pathway, providing support, information and advice to you and your family.

  • I will help to coordinate your care and be a familiar face at the hospital that you can call on when needed.

What do I do? - SUPPORT

  • Our aim is to give you the best possible health care and to help you to be as independent and confident as possible at all times.

  • Sometimes it can help just to talk things through.

  • As a Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist I can provide personal and emotional support through all stages of your illness and can act as a useful link between you and other health-care professionals, both in the hospital and at home.

What do I do? - INFO

  • Many people find that more information eases their worries; you may for example want to know more about lung cancer or information about tests you may need and what they involve, your diagnosis or proposed treatments such as:

          1. Surgery

          2. Radiotherapy

          3. Systemic therapies e.g. chemotherapy, immunotherapy & targeted medicines

What do I do? - ADVICE

  • Advice can be given on a range of issues, directly or indirectly related to having lung cancer, or we can recommend other sources of advice and information to you or your family/carer.

  • For example you may want information regarding:

          1. Symptoms and their management

          2. Medication queries

          3. Financial resources and benefits information

          4. Dealing with issues or concerns surrounding employment, driving and holiday travel

          5. Additional available support services within the community e.g. Community Macmillan nurses, District nurses, social worker/care managers, other health-care professionals and the specialist palliative care unit.

How to contact me?