• We now have developed >400 online clinical cases for students training in Aberdeen.

  • We are always looking for more, particularly in areas not yet covered in the GMC curriculum.

  • We also have lots of older cases that need freshening up.

  • This is an excellent opportunity for individuals and departments to showcase their talents and speciality.

  • It is also a CV enhancing opportunity. Once published we write you a formal thank you letter which you can use for your CV / portfolio as an example of medical education work. In the letter we show you how to apply for Honorary status with the University of Aberdeen (we cannot grant this ourselves but your work on online teaching is likely to stand you in good stead!).

2021 - Online Case based learning - write some cases

Online clinical cases designed for Aberdeen medical students, supported by the University of Aberdeen (co-leads Dr Owen Dempsey in Respiratory, Dr Kevin Deans, Clinical Biochemistry).

What work is required?

  • Revision of existing clinical cases or development of new cases, in PowerPoint format, taking an average student 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • Ideally very interactive, the cases follow a patient's journey from referral to diagnosis.

  • Existing cases (to provide inspiration!) can be provided, and there is a standard template to follow.

  • Help is on hand e.g. sourcing images, illustrations and I.T help, from the University of Aberdeen.

  • We welcome cases from all colleagues in all disciplines, particularly students and doctors in training.

  • One tip is to collaborate with colleagues to write a case - this speeds things up considerably and ia a good way to avoid procrastination!

What's in it for me?

  • Apart from developing your own knowledge (and the glory!), you case will help Aberdeen medical students.

  • In addition your CV will look more impressive, and gives you something to talk about at that next interview - "so tell me what experience have you of medical education?"

What do I do next if interested?

  • Contact Dr Owen Dempsey and he can arrange a brief meeting, and provide you with links to various related websites and existing cases.