Lung cancer

All about lung cancer

Sir Alex Ferguson talks lung cancer

Our aims

To provide rapid and supportive diagnostic service for patients with suspected lung cancer.

To provide expedient in-patient and out-patient treatment for lung cancer.

Our Services

Respiratory Clinic

Most people with symptoms suspicious of lung cancer will be referred to the respiratory suspected cancer service by their GP. Usually a CT scan is done before seeing a respiratory doctor at an urgent out-patient clinic. Some people are admitted directly to the respiratory ward or transferred from regional or island hospitals.

Pleural Clinic

Drs Chetty, Alluri and Fitch (respiratory consultants) run the pleural service. Procedures include pleural aspiration, biopsy, chest drain insertion and insertion of indwelling pleural catheters. These procedures are usually undertaken as a daycase. Conditions managed include lung cancer and pleural infection. Medical thoracoscopy may also soon be undertaken.

Respiratory In-patients

Occasionally admission to hospital is necessary either for tests requiring an overnight stay, or for management of symptoms caused by lung cancer. Click here for more information.

The team

The lung cancer service is made up of a multidisciplinary team.

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