Bronchoscopy team

Picture of the lungs. 

The bronchoscope (which is a long thin black tube, with a light on the end, is passed through the windpipe into the larger air tubes called bronchi. It is possible to sample the lining of the bronchi (we call these tiny sample biopsies). It is also possible to gently brush the lining of the bronchi to get cells, and also to wash the lining of the bronchi - we call these samples (rather unimaginatively) brushings and washings

Looking into the lungs using a bronchoscope. 

We are able to take samples from within the lungs by passing a fine wire down the bronchoscope, as you can see.

Patient information about bronchoscopy

Please follow these instructions on the day that you are coming into hospital:

If you can’t attend please let us know as soon as possible by calling:

What is a bronchoscopy?

What is a bronchoscopy for?

Coughing up blood -to find the source and cause

A persistent cough - to find the source and cause

An abnormal chest X-ray 

How is bronchoscopy performed?

How safe is bronchoscopy?

What is endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)?

What happens after a bronchoscopy?

What should I do after I go home?

Not to drink alcohol

To take your usual medication unless advised not to by your doctor or the hospital team

Not to drive or cycle

Not to operate machinery, including kitchen equipment

Not to sign any legal documents or make important decisions

Not to be alone at night

When will I get the results?