Tutor information

Below is the information we give tutors which is also worth reading

Notes for Tutor ie clinic rota person (FY2, CMT, GPST), 5th year, ward reg or FY1

Dr Srivastava should have emailed you all with timetables and instructions before each block starts. Please read this in conjunction with the guidance above for the students which has some additional information.

  • 3rd year teaching runs Sep-Feb inclusive (3 blocks with a break Nov/Dec). It's usually the clinic person (GPST/CMT/FY2) who does it but in order to fill rota gaps, the university is encouraging us to utilise our 5th years in teaching so they have been given some sessions to coordinate and teach. 5th years are now being taught how to do peer teaching and the feedback from them has been very good. Registrars may do the occasional session.

  • The programme is now about presenting histories succinctly, being able to do a normal examination, formulating diagnoses, management plans and bedside teaching on signs. When choosing patients/signs, diversify into all systems, not just respiratory.

          • Each tutor takes responsibility for coordinating their session (and arranging cover if needed).

          • Please ensure you write 5 patient names on paper (if your session includes histories) and stick it to the whiteboard in the ward teaching room on 107 before 10am on Mondays and Wednesdays. Ask the patients first before doing this. Make sure your sheet is dated and marked for the 3rd years (to avoid confusion with Dr Fitch’s 2nd years on Thursdays).

          • Meet the 3rd years at 10am. If scheduled for histories, ask them to go in pairs and come back at 1100 for bedside teaching till 1145/12. Tell them to ask the patient’s permission again. Avoid lunchtime.

  • For 5th years – you will be allocated history sessions only unless notified otherwise – once the students return, please ask them to present histories and discuss. This can be in the teaching room or at the bedside (feedback suggests they enjoy bedside more)

          • Note the start times and duration of each session can vary. Not all sessions include histories.

          • Attendance sheets/copy of timetable are on the whiteboard in the seminar room, ward 107. Check students have signed this at the start of each session. Do not remove sheets from the whiteboard. Lyn Flores (ward receptionist) puts up an individual one for each day and collects them – see her if it’s not there. If Lyn is off put up a blank bit of paper marked “3rd year attendance” for them to date/sign and print their names and she can collect this instead.

          • For those sessions marked as "written paper", can the 5th years come and get these from me a few days beforehand please? Allow the 3rd years an hour to do the paper. My office is in Clinic C or I can email you this. Would you mind leaving the completed papers in my tray in the secretaries office at the back of clinic C please? Note – not all blocks have a written paper or assessment.

          • Feel free to use your initiative eg Any good signs (there will be a respiratory bias with bedside teaching but please diversify into any system where possible), discussion of Oxygen and masks, Inhalers, Spirometry/Respiratory Physiology, peak flow meters, BP measurement, organomegaly, jaundice, Rheumatoid Arthritis, abnormal bloods, CXRs, ECGs, investigations etc etc, but make sure it's not all respiratory.

          • Note I don't work Wednesdays - if there are unanticipated problems on a Wednesday (or Monday), feel free to use your initiative. If you can’t manage your sessions, please delegate. Also we know that sometimes over the winter, it can be chaos. If in an emergency you can't teach or get anyone to cover, keep the students informed and at the very least send them to see patients and write up their clerkings for you to look at later.

Many thanks for your help. Happy to sign off any teaching assessments. Contact me via my secretary.

Dr Srivastava