Who is on call?

(only works on NHS Grampian intranet)

Who's on call for Respiratory?

  • Click here for Rotawatch.

  • Click on "On call today."

  • Click on "R"

  • Note there are 2 pages, we are on the second page, and you will find all our contact details.

How to refer to Respiratory?

  • E-MAIL unless your patient needs to be seen within the next 30 minutes e.g acute respiratory failure . The address is on Rotawatch (see earlier).

  • We respond to e-mail referrals Mon-Friday 9am-5pm, almost always by a consultant, so high quality referrals are required. Weekend e-mail referrals are dealt with on the following Monday if non urgent.

  • For urgent advice, either day, night or weekends bleep 4200. During the day this bleep is typically carried by a consultant.