Resources / Common questions

Helpful algorithm which outlines why assessing frailty is important in deciding to refer to critical care or not. Click HERE.

These guidelines contain a useful algorithm regarding assessing frailty and deciding if a patient with COVID-19 should be discussed with critical care. For the full guidelines click HERE.

This scale is helpful in assessing frailty and impact on the decision to consider if critical care is important for a COVID-19 patient- click HERE.

The BTS have compiled an incredibly useful list of helpful guides - click HERE. These cover topics including use of NIV, high flow nebulisers, nebulisers, lung function testing and critical care.

In these challenging times we all might need some psychological help, this app might help- click HERE.

The official go to site for all things related to COVID in NHS Grampian - click HERE.

What do to do if you or a member of your home has suspected COVID - click HERE.

These recent educational updates are free for all, including those who are not members of RCPE! - click HERE.

Instructions for VIVO-50 CPAP machine