Physician associate students

  • We are delighted to have you here and hope your time with us is educational and fun.

  • You may even decide to pursue Respiratory Medicine as a career (clearly the best specialty).

  • You will most likely spend time in Ward 107, or in Clinic C.

  • When you start your respiratory block please introduce yourself to Arianna - Respiratory Physician Associates , usually in Office 6 on ward 107 or out on the ward, they will help you navigate your timetable.

  • Dr Dempsey is your Educational Supervisor, although we have a Consultant on Call for a week at a time (24/7, Mon 09.00 to Mon 09.00) in Ward 107 (called Consultant of Week A).

  • In addition we have a Consultant who takes referrals and sees patients on wards outwith Ward 107 (Mon 09.00-17.000), called COW B.

  • Although the timetable below is a guide, feel free to use your common sense and initiative if there are any educational opportunities that you wish to particularly pursue.

  • You will have various forms that need filled out and signed electronically. If Dr Dempsey is on call e.g he is COW-A or COW-B he can help you with these. If he is away then ask whoever is COW-A or COW-B to help you. It makes sense to get the forms filled in by colleagues who have seen you in action!

  • If you have any questions or concerns then contact Dr Dempsey’s secretary (

Best of luck and we hope you learn a lot!

  • As there are usually 2 students per block the clinics should be split, so that each student is going to a different clinic and bronchoscopy once throughout the block- students should co-ordinate this between themselves.

  • Bronchoscopy runs every Tuesday and Thursday with patient clerking in the morning in ward 301/302 and the bronchoscopy list running in the afternoon. Arrange attendance with one of the bronchoscopy team in office 6 to check when is best to attend.

  • Please attend clinics 5 minutes early to introduce yourself to the consultant and ask if you can sit in.

  • On the 4th Wednesday of the month the Airways (formerly known as Difficult Asthma) clinic will run from 0900 in Clinic C , to be prioritised over ILD and pleural clinic, as it only runs once per month.

  • On the 2nd Wednesday of the month there is an ILD MDT in place of ward teaching. This is held from 1300-1400 in the James Friend Room, Clinic C.

  • Nursing staff and respiratory physiotherapists are around to go over oxygen assessment and therapy while on the ward