2nd year

  • We are delighted to have you here and hope your time with us is educational and fun.

  • You may even decide to pursue Respiratory Medicine as a career (clearly the best speciality).


The Medical School Undergraduate Office will advise you regarding teaching arrangements, so ignore the information below (for the moment!)

Who coordinates our teaching?

Where do I go for teaching?

  • Ward 107 teaching room

When is it?

  • Thursdays , 10am to midday

What do I do first when I arrive?

  • **You must sign attendance sheets when you arrive each day **. Please do NOT remove these sheets from the notice board in the teaching room. If these are not up when you arrive, speak to Lyn Flores (Ward Receptionist). If she’s away, please print, sign and date your names on a piece of paper and stick it to the whiteboard in the teaching room.

  • Ensure “2nd year” is written at the top to avoid confusion with the 3rd years. These attendance lists are collected by Lyn and sent back to the undergraduate office.

How do I know which patient/s to see?

  • Check the white board for the list of patients who are happy to be seen.

  • If there is no list, or you need an extra patient, then please ask an FY1 or 5th year student on Ward 107 for suitable patients to see.

What should I do next?

  • Please ensure you have your stethoscopes, pen and paper with you, although you should leave your notebooks behind during bedside teaching.

  • You must always wear a visible ID.

  • You can leave bags etc in the teaching room, which will be locked if we leave to do bedside teaching. Feel free to carry anything particularly valuable in your pockets, although mobile phones should be switched off.

  • You should adhere to the dress code recommended by the Medical School.

  • Go in pairs to see the patient. Always ask the patient's permission first. Take a history and examine the relevant system(s).

Who is my tutor and when are we taught?

  • Your tutor rota is also on the wall of Ward 107 teaching room.

  • After seeing your patient between 10-11am, return to the teaching room and your tutor will teach you from 11-12pm.

  • Please note: teaching may include 5th year peer teaching (which you are expected to attend). The University have introduced 5th year peer teaching in the last couple of years for occasional sessions to cope with rota re-organisation. This is mostly history based.

What happens if my tutor doesn't appear?

  • If your tutor has not arrived by 11.10am then ask an FY1 or 5th year student for help.

  • Occasionally, particularly in the Winter when Ward 107 is full and we are boarding multiple patients, your tutor may be required elsewhere. We have asked your tutors to let you know (ideally by 10am) but sometimes for clinical reasons they cannot do so. We're keen to avoid this issue of course, and the team on the ward will do their best to try and help find you suitable patients. If a tutor is not available then you can still go in pairs to see patients and afterwards present to each other.