Help to exercise more

Exercise - why bother?

Exercise is tremendously important for all of us.

People with lung disease can still exercise.

You are never too old to exercise.

How much exercise should we all do each week?

Moderate intensity exercise - at least 150 minutes a week. For example we can do 5 x 30 minutes.

Vigorous intensity exercise - at least 75 minutes a week.

How should I start?

Choose something you enjoy e.g .walking briskly with a friend is fine, and aim to increase it gradually.

If you can only manage to walk 100m, then fine. Walk this distance, rest and "admire the view" and then do another 100m, stopping and starting as your body allows. Gradually build the time / distance up over a few months.

Some people buy pedometers and aim, ideally, for 10,000 steps a day. When you start you may not be able to manage anything like this, but any exercise is better than none.

After 2 weeks of regular exercise you should begin to find it easier and it will have become more of a habit.

Most of these activities are either free or very affordable, and the health benefits are worth far more than the financial cost!

Don’t forget, gardening, taking the stairs instead of the lift, hand washing the car, taking the kids or dogs for a brisk stroll, not using transport for a trip to town or doctors…..these all count as exercise if it gets you a bit out of breath and your pulse up.

  • Here is a link to a series of videos that are terrific and explain how to do more exercise, even just in your own home.

How can I self-refer to Pulmonary Rehabilitation (exercise) classes?

Historically this has been done after referral from your GP or Hospital team but "self referral" is now also an option.

Click here for further information about how to self refer - all it takes is a phone call.

Walking - getting back into exercise

Heath walks Aberdeen

Walks within Aberdeen City with tea and coffee afterwards.

A great way to socialise and get back into some gentle exercise

Health Walks are short, local, low level walks to suit beginners and those who can't manage fast or far. There are regular walks happening across the Walk Aberdeen project.

For more information please contact the Health Walks Coordinator on 01224 047927.

To view the full timetable of walks please click here.

What if I cannot walk very far?

First Steps sessions are ideal for those looking to build their fitness and strength to walk a little more. The classes begin with 20-25minutes of chair based exercises followed by a short flat walk outdoors. For more information please contact the Health Walk Coordinator on 01224 047927 or click here.

I can manage even more exercise - what can I do?

In partnership with NHS Grampian, Sport Aberdeen offers a specially designed programme to support people with respiratory conditions to be active and live well.

The programme is aimed at people with a lung condition whose ability to be active is affected by breathing difficulties, including those with Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

To find out more about the programme and to refer yourself or a loved one, please click here.

Please note that these classes form part of an exercise pathway for people with a breathing condition and you may be signposted to an NHS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme if you would benefit from attending this before coming to Sport Aberdeen classes.

Sport Aberdeen - any sport you can think of! Venues, activities, membership and booking all on one site


Fun, friendly jogging groups including in Aberdeen.


Saturday morning 5k timed run, try and beat your personal best.

Various locations including Hazelhead Park, Abedeen beach, Stonehaven.

Suitable for complete novices all the way through to Mo Farah.