Educational opportunities

  • For colleagues working in our Unit it is important that you avail yourself of every opportunity to develop your knowledge, skills and performance.

  • Getting involved, and not being shy to ask around, is vital.

  • Some opportunities are listed below, but remember there may be other opportunities. Asking the Consultants or Registrars is often helpful.

2020 - Online Case based learning - write some cases

Online clinical cases designed for Aberdeen medical students, supported by the University of Aberdeen (co-leads Dr Owen Dempsey in Respiratory, Dr Kevin Deans, Clinical Biochemistry).

What work is required?

  • Revision of existing clinical cases or development of new cases, in PowerPoint format, taking an average student 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • Ideally very interactive, the cases follow a patient's journey from referral to diagnosis.

  • Existing cases (to provide inspiration!) can be provided, and there is a standard template to follow.

  • Help is on hand e.g. sourcing images, illustrations and I.T help, from the University of Aberdeen.

  • We welcome cases from all colleagues in all disciplines, particularly students and doctors in training.

  • One tip is to collaborate with colleagues to write a case - this speeds things up considerably and ia a good way to avoid procrastination!

What's in it for me?

  • Apart from developing your own knowledge (and the glory!), you case will help Aberdeen medical students.

  • In addition your CV will look more impressive, and gives you something to talk about at that next interview - "so tell me what experience have you of medical education?"

What do I do next if interested?

  • Contact Dr Owen Dempsey and he can arrange a brief meeting, and provide you with links to various related websites and existing cases.